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Rapid ID & Susceptibility Testing

We continue to deliver practical innovations that advance clinical care – including a total ID/AST solution that brings together technological innovation, scientific leadership and world-class support. With bioMérieux as your partner, labs will have the ability to deliver key information more rapidly, enabling clinicians to make confident decisions more quickly.

bioMérieux Rapid ID & Susceptibility Testing Solutions



An automated mass spectrometry and software system designed for rapid microbial identification, using innovative matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight technology (MALDI-TOF). This technology tests up to 192 isolates per run, delivers results in minutes, and requires no pretreatment of samples for even faster turnaround time. VITEK MS is easy-to-use, integrates seamlessly into your lab’s workflow, and enables more confident patient-care decisions.



A predefined, stable gradient of 15 antibiotic concentrations on a plastic strip. Using innovative dry chemistry technology, ETEST determines the onscale Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of antibiotics, antifungal agents and anti-mycobacterial agents. More than 100 antimicrobials are available in the product range for testing of aerobic bacteria and fastidious organisms.



Best-In-Class Technology Makes It More Than a Workhorse - With an expanded identification database and the most automated platform available, VITEK 2 is your lab’s powerhouse for rapid, complete, and accurate ID/AST:

•  Results in 4-8 hours enable targeted therapy sooner
•  Broadest range of GN AST cards includes the industry’s only FDA-approved three-drug yeast susceptibility card
•  Ergonomically sound automation that enhances workflow and minimizes waste
•  Immediate capability to integrate with your lab’s LIS and improve connectivity


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